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ministry of justice and human rights of the republic of argentina




Penitentiary Infrastructure Evaluator


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I am an architect and for more than two decades I have been in charge of the planning, diagnosis and design of prison infrastructure in Argentina.


For some time I have been trying to reorganize the work strategies in the governmental area in which I work, and in that eagerness to see the difficulties and help to overcome them, I came across several bureaucratic and information obstacles. Thus, I found in the Evaluation a strategic solution.


In this sense, I have started to look for reports on impact assessments of constructed and inhabited buildings, carried out in other countries. Data that I have not yet been able to find.


My intention is to evaluate constructed and inhabited buildings (the evaluation is in progress, and is intended to be based on the contributions of behavioral sciences and artificial intelligence). I am interested in knowing if what is designed and built responds to the needs of the users, starting to understand and analyze the different uses of the spaces.

I am interested in integrating a group of professionals who work and research on this discipline.




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